The Difference Between Foley and Straight Catheters

Lifestyle Med Supply carries a huge variety of  catheter supplies in our online store, so we know there are many different types of catheters used in the medical field. Two of the most common (and most popular in our store) are a foley and a straight catheter. So what's the difference between these two catheters? 

Foley Catheters

Foley catheters are also known as "indwelling catheters." These catheters have a small balloon at one end which is inflated inside of the bladder to hold the catheter in place. The flexible tubing runs the urine from the bladder into a collection bag. Foley catheters (developed by Dr. Foley in the 1930's) are meant for longer term use by patients who are unable to use the toilet themselves. 

Straight Catheters

Straight catheters are simply straight tubes (without the balloon feature of a Foley catheter). They are meant for quick drainage of the bladder and not for long term use. They are inserted into the bladder, drain the urine into a collection bag, and removed right away. Typically, these catheters are used when there is a blockage in the urinary tract or the patient is only temporarily unable to use the toilet themselves. 

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Feb 23rd 2016

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